Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NEW Grocery Store - WinCo Foods - Coming Soon!

We are "The Supermarket Low Price Leader," proudly offering 24 hour service at each of our WinCo stores for your convenience - this is the bold statement on the front page of WinCo Foods' website! .  With this great claim, I openly welcome yet another grocery store, WinCo Foods, to the Az market!

Idaho based WinCo Foods, Inc. will be opening the first of April in Phoenix and Glendale!  The first two stores will be at 330 W. Bell Rd in Phoenix and 5850 W. Bell Rd in Glendale. 

With a warehouse style look similar to that of Costco and Sam's Club, WinCo food's no frill approach to selling groceries helps make them one of the lowest grocery stores around!  To keep costs down, customers bag their own groceries and cannot pay with a credit card because of high transaction fees.  However, debit cards, cash and checks are accepted. 

In addition to their low price claim, they will also be accepting mfg coupons at face value.  Below is a link to their coupon policy. 

WinCo Foods Coupon Policy

I'm so excited to see what types of sales and products they will have available.  Grocery competition is always a good thing for us coupon shoppers!!!  Hopefully they'll open a store in my area in the very near future!!

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